Green Crypto: Is Proof Of Stake Answer To Cryptocurrencies’ Energy Worries?

With environment-friendly cryptocurrency gaining popularity, Proof of Stake could be a game-changer.

The conversations about Bitcoin’s environmental impact are never-ending and they have gathered momentum in the past month. …

When reading through cryptocurrency related forums on the internet and having no clue what people are talking about? Certain lingo is highly unique to digital currencies that could prove helpful by simply learning the basic industry terminology. …

Cryptocurrencies are booming and the growing popularity in 2021 has seen new investors entering the cryto-verse. The ease of buying cryptocurrencies across multiple crypto exchanges has made the user journey hassle-free but the security of those investments is still a looming issue. …

Choose the wallet that is apt according to your need.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a set of private and public keys that validates the ownership of a digital asset (e.g. Bitcoin) and allows the wallet owner to send and receive digital assets or even store them.

There are several types…

Cryptocurrencies are volatile so is it worth investing in stablecoins?

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and their price tends to fluctuate on a real-time basis. But stablecoins share many powers of other cryptos minus the volatility — the reason for their increasing acceptance.

We are all witnessing history being made in the…

The DeFi market capitalization stands at $119 billion at the time of writing, according to CoinGecko.

The increase in interest is due to many factors; access to funds has never been easier with decentralized economic facilities, bringing a greater amount of transparency as compared to centralized authorities.

Everything is done…

earn passive income from cryptocurrencies

It is never too late to earn passive income from cryptocurrency investment.

As the awareness around cryptocurrencies keeps growing, so do the money-making opportunities around them. We have come a long way from traditional mining of Bitcoin through Proof of Work and today there are newer ways to earn income.

Your glossary to know the terminologies on cryptocurrency data sites

If you are a crypto investor, new or seasoned, or just curious to get your share of the cryptocurrency buzz, you need to keep a check on the market movement through websites like Coinmarketcap, CoinCodex, CoinGecko, and more.

While browsing…

How many of the listed blockchain consensus mechanisms do you know?

Anybody who knows about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would know that the purpose of the underlying technology, Blockchain is to record and verify the information. Bitcoin uses a proof of work mechanism, but other cryptocurrencies use varied consensus mechanisms…

What’s the advantage of trading on decentralized exchange over centralized exchange? Let’s find out –

Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) currently dominate cryptocurrency trading but Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) are soon catching up as a sturdy competitor.

It is a common consensus within the blockchain space that decentralized exchanges are the future of…

iOWN Token

iOWN Token is an ERC223 token to be used within the blockchain-based equity crowdfunding platform, iOWNX.

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